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Exploring the Forging Shop

Forging is the shaping of metal through forces such as hammering, pressing or rolling, into products that serve a variety of purposes for mankind. Looking at it from a broad perspective, this is a truly fascinating process. If one observes it keenly, the transition of the metal from raw and crude to shapely and fine-tuned is like a spiritual transformational.

We at Vinir Engineering would like to introduce you to the place where this transformation takes place – the Forging Shop. Understanding the features of a good forging shop is important and interesting because forging is not a one-size-fits-all products. 

So how should you go about choosing a good Forging and Machining Shop for your requirements?

Here are a few important features that can help you choose a forging shop that’s worthy of partnering with you.

  1. If it’s Green, it’s as good as Gold – A forging shop where the environment is given high priority is the right partner for you. A forging shop can achieve this by completely doing away with the use of fossil fuels and instead using natural gas, which is pollutionfree. Additionally, practices like conservation of electricity and water, recycling, and proper disposal of waste ensure that the forging shop is indeed committed to being environment-friendly.
  2. A wide variety of forging capabilities – A good forging shop should cater to all levels of complexity – up to 950 kg/piece for closed die forgings and up to 6000 kg/piece for open die forgings. The forging shop should have expertise in standardised forged components as well as offer tailor-made solutions to fulfil your requirements
  3. Strict inspection and quality control – Your reputation rides on the back of the quality of your products. Choose a forging shop that works with the best quality raw materials and equipment, a skilled workforce, and impeccable processes that assure you of the highest quality control, producing forgings that are tough, accurate and highperforming and with zero-defects. 
  4. Competitive pricing, timely deliveries and cost saving – Look for a forging shop that assists you to win jobs by providing quotations within a day’s time, and at competitive prices.
  5. Raw Material Inventory – A forging shop with a good inventory of raw material ensures timely deliveries which can work as a game-changer for your business.
  6. Diverse sectors – A well-run forging shop must cater to a diverse range of sectors like oil and gas exploration, aerospace, mining, defence, nuclear power, earth-moving, inner space and outer space, hydraulics, railways, wind energy and even the sub-seas.
  7. Certifications – Certifications and recognitions are a good indicator of sound practices being followed by an organization and it would be a good idea to base your choice of a forging shop on this aspect.
  8. Infrastructure – It is a good idea to choose a forging shop based on the facilities and infrastructure they offer you. Be it a Design Lab, Die Shop, Inspection & Testing Lab, Heat Treatment or Machine shops, end-to-end forging facilities can ensure that your requirements are fulfilled promptly.
  9. Safety Safe processes and practices are the last word in the choice of a business partner and the same goes for a forging shop.


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