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Forging for Defence Requirement

Vinir Engineering is a trusted supplier of forgings for India’s Defence requirements. When nothing but the best will do, Vinir uses the best quality raw materials, equipment, a skilled workforce, and impeccable processes that assure the nation of the highest quality forgings that are tough, accurate and high-performing.   Our love for our country is […]

Investment Schemes

We try to keep our people updated not only about work-related issues but also about personal concerns in their day-to-day lives. Investment is an important area on which depends the stability of a family. As a part of our people initiatives, in association with a renowned public sector bank, we had organized a training session […]

Sr.Metallurgist Training

WE ARE VINIR! Recently, we organized a focused training from our Senior Metallurgists to our Junior Metallurgists. The training covered the latest techniques, methods and technology to improve decisions, reliability of components and resolve quality problems. With this training, our metallurgists are well-equipped to test components better, come up with better designs and thus improve […]

Rock Crushing Application

When it comes to crushing rock, forging components can be nothing less than rock-solid! Vinir gives you the assurance of high-quality forgings that can bore through all kinds of rock so that your work goes on round-the-clock. Let’s associate for custom-made, cost-effective forgings that come with a guarantee of long life. To know how we […]

Workplace Safety

The importance of safety at the workplace cannot be overemphasized. At the recently conducted training on Workplace Safety, we emphasized on the importance and benefits of using Safety Gear at work and maintaining it in top condition. With our regular safety trainings and the emphasis on safety, we are proud to say that Safety has […]

Incidents of Fire


Incidents of fire can catch us unawares and it becomes difficult to deal with it if you are not prepared. In spite of having safety equipment to combat fires, many of us are unaware of their proper usage. Recently, we organised a training on Fire Safety and conducted a Fire Mock Drill. Employees were educated about the causes and types of fire, the proper use of fire equipment and procedures to follow in case of fire incidents. When it comes to safety, we believe forewarned is forearmed!

Incidents of Covid-19

Although incidents of Covid-19 have reduced, it is important to be prepared and combat the disease as per the Government directives. Hence, we organised a Covid-Booster dose vaccination drive at our premises to ensure that this important dose is easily available to all our employees. Visit: or drop us an email at: #health […]

75th Independence Day

The 75th Independence Day was celebrated in the company with great enthusiasm. All our employees got together to make this an occasion to remember. With the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, all our three units proudly hoisted the National Flag from 13 – 15th August. We also provided all our employees with flags that they could […]

Training for Unit-2

VINIR’s Unit-2 has applied for the prestigious API 20C certification! Our people are committed to achieve this important certification for our forgings to be used in the Petroleum & Natural Gas industry and so, we had conducted a special training for the same. We are confident of our manufacturing, processes, systems and documentation and look […]

IT Systems

At VINIR, our focus is not only on Production, Maintenance and Safety. Equally important are our IT systems and we consider them to be the backbone of our company. We had recently organized a training for our people on system maintenance. This shall ensure that our people are equipped with the right knowledge to keep […]

Training on Six Sigma Methodology

WE ARE VINIR! The importance of Six Sigma cannot be overemphasized. It helps to bring tremendous improvement to business processes, reducing defects and improving product quality and profits. It is a methodology that is in complete alignment with our goals and hence we conducted a training program on Six Sigma Methodology. With this training, we […]

Successfull 2nd Surveillance Audit of Energy Management System

We are pleased to inform our associates that we have successfully completed the 2nd Surveillance Audit of Energy Management System – ISO 50001:2018. The ISO 50001:2018 certification shall empower us to develop a better policy for efficient energy utilization, make better decisions about energy usage and continuously improve our energy management.   To know more […]

How Do We Ensure Openness To Change?

Change is an important part of progress. At VINIR, our senior leaders drive change in a sensitive manner. They pause, analyze the situation and gradually make people ready for change. Their endeavour is to ensure that everyone is together in the process of change to ensure flawless and harmonious working. This important quality of theirs […]

Value-Based Working In Competitive Times

WE ARE VINIR! Whether times in business are good or challenging, it is our strong company values that guide our strategies and operations and keep us ahead of competition. For example, we at VINIR, will never compromise on quality to cut costs, we will never endanger the safety of our people, equipment and customers and […]

Customer Delight and Customer Retention

We at Vinir, believe that happy people and the quest for excellence help us achieve Customer Delight and Customer Retention. While our various people initiatives ensure that our people are happy and contended, our multiple training programs ensure that we improve the skills of our teams, make them competent to master the latest technology, and […]

Go Green! Go Safe! Go Heavier! Go Forward!

At Vinir, we always say, “Go Green! Go Safe! Go Heavier! Go Forward!” No wonder, the World Environment Day is a special occasion at Vinir. This year, we celebrated it with the special theme of “Only One Earth.” This was to remind us that in the entire universe, there is only Planet Earth that sustains […]

Vinir Forgings

Vinir Forgings – The name that stands for Precision, Performance and Profitability!

Featuring Manifold forgings from 4-way manifold to 12-way manifold out of A105 & LF2, crafted with high attention to detail and precision.

When you choose VINIR, Precision, Performance and Profitability are guaranteed.

To know more about other benefits of choosing VINIR,

Precision, Performance and Profitability

Precision, Performance and Profitability – A few Benefits of choosing a VINIR product! Proud to present, Closed-die forged and Open-die GV Bodies from 1 13/16” to 7” 15 K out of AISI 4130 & AISI 410 in forged and machined condition. When you choose VINIR, Precision, Performance and Profitability are guaranteed.

OUR Products’ Story has only one objective

OUR Products’ Story has only one objective – Making YOUR Products’ Story Successful! You are committed to ensuring the success of your products. So are we! Presenting, Forged Bonnets & Flanges from 1 13/16” to 7” 15 K out of AISI 4130 & AISI 410 in forged and machined condition. Choose VINIR!

Versatility, Durability and Adherence to Standards

Versatility, Durability and Adherence to Standards – A Few Qualities of VINIR products! Say hello to our Closed-die forged Seats from 1 13/16” to 7” 15 K out of AISI 4130 & AISI 410 in forged and machined condition. When you choose VINIR, you get The best quality forgings At 100% compliance

Zero Tolerance For Sexual Harassment

At Vinir, we have Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment. Our POSH Committee is alert, committed and fully equipped to ensure that no employee ever feels unsafe or uneasy at the workplace. We thank the POSH Committee members for their diligence.

Defeat Analysis

No problem can be solved from a superficial level. It requires one to conduct an in-depth analysis and understand the root cause of the problem to understand how to get to the solution. This is what the technical training session on Defect Analysis focused on. Once the root cause of any problem is addressed, the […]

Security Field Officer Training

The credit for the feeling of security at all Vinir units goes to our Security Field Officers who are our company’s eyes and ears. They are always on the vigil, ensuring the protection of the company premises, property and people. Recently, we organized a specialized training to empower them to become more knowledgeable, more aware […]

Did You Know?

On their birthdays, not only do our team members celebrate at home with their families, but they are also present with their extended family, at their second home – the workplace. And their colleagues too, go out of their way to make their special day memorable and exciting. From arranging snacks of their choice to […]

Our People Stand Out No Matter Were They Go!

At Vinir, we want our people to always follow the right behavior and conduct and lead by example. We regularly conduct workshops on Good Industrial Practices as an important step in this direction. This helps to make our people aware of the best practices while dealing with others whether within or outside the company. Our […]


We believe that consistent Yoga practice leads to Yoga proficiency. The proficiency of our employees was recently tested at the Yoga competitions held at our plants. A large number of employees participated and the excitement and enthusiasm were palpable and so was the pride on the faces of all the participants and winners. We are […]

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